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Characterisation facilities

We offer a full range of services for catalyst characterization through our facilities and our collaboration with the University of Warwick. These include particle size distribution studied via high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), catalyst morphology and grain sizing via scanning electron microscopy (SEM), micro/meso porosity via nitrogen physisorption, dispersion studies via CO chemisorption, elemental analysis Read More

Catalyst development and screening

Based on the excellent control of reaction parameters and unsurpassed reproducibility, we offer the development of bespoke heterogeneous catalysts for gas-liquid and gas-phase reactions. This includes the screening of the existing catalysts for a process and/or development of bespoke mono- and bimetallic systems for the target reaction. We understand that confidentiality and IP generation are Read More

Catalyst-coated tube reactors

We offer catalyst-coated tube reactors tailored for continuous flow chemistry. When compared with other common continuous flow reactors (fixed bed, flow slurry,etc.), our catalyst-coated tube reactors offer superior operational parameters including high heat and mass transfer coefficients (up to 100x higher than state of the art), minimal pressure build-dropand excellent residence time control. We offer

Read More