Meet The Team

Lawrence Matthews

Lawrence JD Matthews
CEO and Director

Lawrence holds a BSc in Chemistry and Philosophy (Natural Sciences) from the University of Durham, UK. Lawrie held various management roles in sales, business development and technical development over 14 years at Johnson Matthey Plc. He is the founder of the ground breaking start-up Food Freshness Technology group (FFT) and Co-founder of L2-P, an experienced consulting team of entrepreneurs providing senior management services to outstanding early stage companies, specialising in the Smart Technology and Clean Tech sectors.

Professor Evgeny Rebrov
CTO & Founder

Evgeny, a full professor of Chemical Engineering since 2010, specialises in catalytic reaction engineering, multiphase reactors, microreactors and transient reactor operation. He has over 20 years of experience in catalyst development, including close collaboration with industrial companies such as DSM, Albemarle BV, Janssen Pharmaceutical NV, IMM-Fraunhofer, Chemtrix and Lionix.

Dr Nikolay Cherkasov
COO & Founder

Nikolay is a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, who has developed the catalysts coating method. He participated in the ICURe programme as the junior researcher, where he demonstrated the drive and the passion to move the laboratory concept of catalyst coated reactors into the real world. He leads product development.

Mr Fred Hancock

Fred was the technical director for Johnson Matthey for Catalysts & Chiral technologies Business’s Global R&D group, managing 5 sites globally and 50 people. The business was centred within the Pharmaceutical/Fine Chemical Market. He has more than 30 years of experience in heterogeneous catalysis and fine chemical synthesis. He is currently retired since October 2015 and works as an independent consultant for various companies including Johnson & Matthey.

Volker Hessel

Professor Dr Volker Hessel
Academic Advisor

In 2002, Prof. Hessel was appointed Vice Director R&D at IMM and in 2007 as Director R&D. In 2005 and 2011, Prof. Hessel was appointed as part-time and full professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, respectively. He was honorary professor at TU Darmstadt, Germany 2009-2018, and is guest professor at Kunming University of Science and Technology, China (2011-). Prof. Hessel is (co-)author of > 450 peer-reviewed (h index 52). He received the AIChE Award “Excellence in Process Development Research” in 2007, the ERC Advanced Grant “Novel Process Windows” in 2010, the ERC Proof of Concept Grant in 2017, the IUPAC ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry in 2016, and the FET OPEN Grant in 2016. In 2018, he was appointed Deputy Dean Research and professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Dr Maria Sotenko
Enterprise Coordinator

Maria plays a role of enterprise coordinator who manages the company’s network with a cohort of junior researchers and students from different UK and overseas academic institutions. Through the network, Stoli Catalysts secures its access to a substantial pool of highly skilled, energetic, innovative, creative and communicative young engineers and scientists.

Alex Toft

Mr Alex Toft
Business Growth Advisor

Currently a Business Growth Advisor with the University of Warwick, helping SMEs exploit their potential to grow and comes to Stoli with previous senior international executive experience in blue-chip organisations like Unilever, INEOS, ICI and NHS. A former Board Director in INEOS, the third largest chemical company in the world, yet also comes to Stoli with considerable start-up experience which included founding a biotech and raising £73mn to take it internationally.

Shum Prakash

Dr Shum Prakash
University of Warwick Advisor

Shum was the TTO representative for Warwick Ventures, and will work as an advisor to Stoli on behalf of the University. She has over 20 years’ experience in general management, an MBA (Warwick Sainsbury Management Fellowship) and has been at Warwick Ventures for 14 years. She had experience at board level and was interim CEO of three other spin-out companies for which she raised VC investment and recruited management teams. Her technical background is in chemistry having worked with Johnson Matthey Plc and Nihon-Medi-Physics Co., Ltd

Mr Martin Lok
Technical Advisor

His ambition is to achieve an inclusive green growth that incorporates natural capital in all decision-making and systems of businesses, governments and the financial sector. To achieve this ambition – according to Martin Lok – cross-sectoral and action-oriented collaboration are essential ingredients for the societal changes that are needed. Therefore, he has initiated several collaborative policy-tracks that focus on incorporating natural capital in decision making.

Antonio José Expósito

Dr Antonio José Expósito R&D Scientist

Antonio joined Stoli Catalysts Ltd in June 2017 as an R&D Scientist. He received his PhD in heterogeneous catalysis from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Prior to his PhD work, he obtained two MSc in Chemical Engineering and Renewables Energies and did an internship in The Netherlands on reactor design. His current activities include development of novel structured catalysts for hydrogenation processes and testing of the catalysts-coated tubes to obtain information on catalyst performance and mechanical stability.

Loong Sheng Chow

Mr Loong Sheng Chow
Business Development Assistant

A recent University of Warwick MSc graduate in Engineering Business Management , LoongSheng completed his dissertation by conducting an LCA on heterogeneous catalysts in tube reactors. His role in Stoli requires him to assist in planning and development of marketing plans and campaigns to help in identifying and creating opportunities for Stoli and works under the supervision of Dr. Maria Sotenko.

Yang Bai

Dr Yang Bai
R&D Scientist

Yang joined Stoli in January 2017 as an R&D scientist. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Nanjing University of Technology, China in 2009. Before her PhD work, she has worked as Customer development manager at USUN Fine Chemical Products LTD, Nanjing, China and after her PhD she was a Research Assistant in the Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong and then a Research Assistant in the Aston University (UK). She has both business and technical background. In Stoli, she is involved in synthesis and optimization of the catalytic coatings, and in coating characterization by different physical methods.