What we do

Stoli Catalysts Ltd is a spin-out company originating at the University of Warwick. The name “Stoli” comes from the word uniform in greek highlighting our focus on the coated materials. Our team comprises of leading academics in the field of reaction engineering and catalysis with support from the expert industry consultants. The company is primarily based at the University of Warwick. The company is grateful for the support by the University of Warwick and its subsidiare Warwick Ventures Lld, supported by the ERC Proof of concept project (693739 MiCARF), Innovate UK aid for startup (project 900041)

Stoli develops and manufactures a range of catalyst coated tube reactors to be used in the continuous flow manufacturing of fine chemicals. We aim to produce a standard portfolio of tubes containing some of the most used catalysts. In addition, we also provide a service for catalyst development, optimisation and characterization as well as the supply of bespoke catalyst tubes to tailor to specific client needs for specific reactions.

Mission & Strategy

Stoli Catalysts addresses the market segment consisting of 20% of all reactions used in fine chemicals industry which can generate around one hundred billions pounds of revenue per year. By offering the novel continuous flow technology with improved performance at lower manufacturing costs, Stoli Catalysts has a good positioning on the market and a great potential not only to outrun competitors but to revolutionize the entire industry by making it more sustainable and cost effective.

The Story

As any other company born in Academia, Stoli Catalysts originated from a discovery made one day by Dr Nikolay Cherkasov while carrying out a Friday afternoon experiment. It may have been just another paper (which it was) but the ICURe Innovation-to-Commercialisation programme by Innovate UK made it possible for the scientific discovery to evolve into a spin-out company called Stoli Catalysts. The developed technology is so novel and different from what is available on the market that it is bound to revolutionise the fine chemicals industry.

Our Commitments


Stoli’s products are made with the utmost care for the environment.

Delivering Innovation

Stoli aims to set the standards of chemical manufacturing through innovation

Giving Back to Society

Stoli is committed to giving back to the society.